Rabu, 26 Mac 2008

How To Quit Smoking

These are a valuable steps on how to quit smoking:
1. Set a date for quitting.
2. Notice when and why you smoke.
3. Change your smoking routines
4. Smoke only in certain places, such as outdoors.
5. When you want a cigarette, wait a few minutes. Try to think of something to do instead of smoking. For example, you might chew gum or drink a glass of water.
6. Buy one pack of cigarettes at a time. Switch to a brand of cigarettes that you don't like.

I don't know whether these steps are effective or not.Coz while i'm posting this blog i still inhale this f***ing 'poison' into my lungs!

I try to change by buying 'rokok batang' instead of a pack og cigarettes.Lets see what happen in a few months. Doa2 la i can fight it coz a i'm not a heavy smoker anyway but still can't fight the tempation to smoke...y aaaa?

Do u know how much u spend a year for smoking?..
If u smoke a pack of cigarrettes a day the total figure of $$$ u spend will make u stop breathing for a while. Dun believe ka?? Jom calculate:

Price for a pack of 20's= RM8.20
If u smoke a pack per day, total RM for a month = RM8.20 X 30 days = RM246.00
What about a year? = 12 mths x Rm246.00 = RM2952.00...wow!!!
What if u have been a smoker for 10 years = 10yrs x RM2952.00 = RM29520.00

perghhhhhhhhhh... gua cakap lu..in 10yrs aku dah bleh beli sebijik kancil, CASH!!!(bukan kancil itu animal aaa..)

Itu baru 10yrs..roughly je ni...

bak kata nabil Raja Lawak, ' lu ada otak, lu pikir la sendiri...!"

p/s: this is a tip for myself...try to change la benharperbenludin!

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