Selasa, 1 April 2008

Boycott Dutch Products??

Regarding the short movie, Fitna, most the muslims will prefer to boycott the dutch products. Most of the malaysian muslims will definitely boycott those products. But when i surfed, they have different point of view...

Malaysian Supermarket Chain To Boycott Dutch Products
KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 Asia Pulse - Mydin's chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets has decided to boycott Dutch products in response to the anti-Islam film "Fitna" produced by Dutch legislator Geert Wilders...


Don't Boycott Dutch Products: Muslims
By Nasreddine Djebbi

Dutch Muslims warned that the boycott would do grave harms to the Dutch peopleTHE HAGUE — Dutch Muslims are approaching religious and political authorities in different Muslim countries to persuade them against boycotting their country's products in protest against anti-Quran remarks by a rightist lawmaker.
"A boycott will hurt Muslims who are part of the Dutch society," the Dutch Muslim Council said in a message to the Egyptian People's Assembly (lower house of parliament), a copy of which was obtained by


abih..camno tu...

tapi bg aku ..sesapa nak boikot,silakan. Jangan tersalah boikot dah. Takut ada yang boikot AYAM BELANDA atau DURIAN BELANDA lak...kakaka

for those who want to boycott here are the example of dutch products/places:
Dutch Lady - Susu
Ferrero Roche - Coklat
Wall’s - Ais Krim
Ing -Insurans
Planta -Magerin
Lady’s Choice -Magerin
Lipton -Teh
Shell -Minyak
Knorr -Perisa Makanan
Dove -Mandian
Sunlight -Magerin/Pencuci Pinggan
Radiant -Deodoran
Rexona -Deodoran
Ponds -Produk Kecantikan
Kieldsens -Coklat
Slimfast -Produk Pelangsing
Lego -Kismis
Philips -Barangan Elektrik
Duyvis -Makanan Ringan
Gouda -Keju
Robin -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
Ariel -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
Omo -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian
Labello -Lip Balm
Pickwick -Teh
Venz -Mentega Coklat
Kinder Bueno -Coklat
Unilever -Syarikat
Dumex -Susu Tepung
Nutricia -Susu Bayi
Sunsilk -Shampoo
Fair & Lovely -Produk Kecantikan
Lux -Mandian
Vaseline -Lip Balm
Cif -Pencuci Lantai
Surf -Pencuci Kain
Wishbone -Pencuci Kain
Doriana - Keju Krim
Bertolli -Minyak Masak
Clear -Shampoo
Breeze -Pencuci Kain
Sun -Pencuci Kain

ermm..pikir la sendiri..good luck!

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