Khamis, 10 Julai 2008

Recession Is Coming??

i got this email from a friend, Nik Aziz (but not TGNA maaa...)

Recession is coming ...
make your own judgment, don't panic !! Do what is wise. The recession looks very eminent. It is really time to take pro active steps to avoid a painful time in the next two years which is how long the recession is expected to last. Suggestions:
1. Don't take any loans, buy homes, properties with loans, or even cash. Keep as much cash as possible.
2. Pay off as much of personal loans, private loans, as debt collection will be hastened.
3. Sell any stocks you can even at lower prices.
4. Take money off from Trust Funds. (maleh la nak amik exam cam ni!)
5. Don't believe in huge sales forecast from customers, be extremely prudent, lowest inventories, reduce liabilities.
6. Don't invest in new capital.
7. If you are selling homes/ properties/ cars , do it now, when you can get good prices, they are going to fall.
8. Don't invest in new business proposals.
9. Cancel holiday plans using credit cards.
10. Don't change jobs, as companies will retrench based on 'last in first out'.

Stay cool, wait, and if you took all of the above actions and more, you probably will be better off then many. This is not a rumor. Bear Stearns is the first of many banking and financial institutions that will start falling in the not too future. If Bear Stearns can fall, so can JP Morgan, Citibank, HSBC, and the whole world. US economy falls, the rest will crumble. India and all those self economies will be the most protected, but not gullible. Europe may be a little stronger, but not China , another giant! Malaysia will see significant impact.

i hope our politicians stop arguing with each other.Now is the time to unite and think about the rakyat..tapi, boleh ke??? dun think so la...hahha

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INTAN berkata...

sy ada wat saving/invest melalui MCIS Jati dan sebelum thn ni, selling price dia RM0.9 something.
tp lps election and all those stupid things happened, selling price dia tak pernah naik melebihi RM0.6 dah.
patut ke sy berenti?

(soklan utk org yg dah prnh amik exam public mutual heheh :) )

Tanpa Nama berkata...

A friend of mine told me as well.. He said, keep as much cash as possible and don't waste money now. Recession will happen in the next 6 months... Hehe.. How laa.. Raya coming beb!!


gonna be a hard days night 4 me if so..pelancong yeleek to get use eating ubi kayu..ha..ha

benHARPERbenLUDIN berkata...

intan--kalau jual sekarang mmg sure dah rugi..harga kalu sanggup tunggu till our economy is booming again, u wait la..tapi masalahnya kita dunno when its booming again...kena bomb C4 tu ada kemungkinan le(lari topik)..tapi kalau nak tanya profesional better masuk

cik/encik anon--dulu kita raya sakan, after this kita raya makan buah sukun je la...haha

encik paradise--silap2 harga ubi kayu pun naik maaa...hehe